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GLACUHO Scholarship Recipients 2014


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Ashley Jones
GLACUHO Scholarship Recipient 2014
Youngstown State University

Blog Post for Ashley Jones – Recipient of GLACUHO Scholarship

As I prepare to reflect on my GLACUHO experience, I first and foremost must express my sincerest gratitude to NEOHO for affording me the opportunity to attend this conference and further my professional development.

In typical, second year grad student fashion I originally reflected on every aspect of the conference.  From my arrival, the anxious feeling I had selecting my seat at the opening banquet to every single session I attended.  Though reflection is critical for my own professional development, I will spare providing you with every last detail.

First and foremost, I think it is important for me to share my prior professional development experiences.  Last year, I attended the NASPA conference in Baltimore, MD.  NASPA was my first conference experience (go big or go home, right?).  GLACUHO now serves as my first regional and functional area specific professional development experience.  While I gained great benefits from attending NASPA, I absolutely felt that I was more “at home” at GLACUHO.  I believe this “at home” feeling began with the overall, positive energy that surrounded every aspect of the conference.  From the Opening Banquet, to the Business Meeting and throughout sessions, every individual I came into contact with was so enthusiastic and ready to network and learn.

And networking and learning is exactly what I did.  Prior to attending the conference, I had reflected on some areas of professional development that I wanted to strengthen at GLACUHO.  Those areas were job-searching, supervision and programming.  I selected these areas for a number of reasons.  As I prepare to graduate in August, job-searching is an area where I will accept any knowledge or experience that I can.  I attended the Surviving the Grad School Apocalypse session that provided me with so many tips, tricks and strategies to use as I prepare and embark on my job-search.  In addition to job-searching, I also wanted to gain more knowledge in supervision.  In my graduate assistantship, I supervise resident assistant committee members.  However, I do not directly supervise staff on a daily basis.  During Supervision 2.0: Is Your Supervision Haphazard or Intentional?  I again took away so many valuable supervision techniques.  I also came away with the knowledge of how to not only determine but ensure that I am intentional with my supervision when I enter that role.  Finally, I attended Processing and DeBriefing, #ThingsNotLearnedInGradSchool which truly enhanced the way in which I will approach my current position in residential education.  I even incorporated some of the debriefing skills I learned from the session into our Tunnel of Oppression program that was starting the week after I returned from GLACUHO.  I also attended a fantastic session exploring the struggles faced by students who are first generation or low socioeconomic status and best practices when working with students from these populations.  This session was especially important for me to attend because while it did not specifically address one of my three areas of professional development, the content was related to two populations that are largely represented at our institution.  It opened my eyes to the specific needs and ways in which we can best serve both of these populations in our residence halls.

Throughout my entire experience at the GLACUHO conference, I truly grew as a professional.  Again, I thank NEOHO for giving me this opportunity.  I look forward to continuing to develop my professional identity through opportunities like this.



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